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Why you need a travel agent
posted Sep 5, 2012 at 05:04:21 PM

Why do people want to go on vacation? They do it to briefly escape the stress and hardships of their lives and relax. Booking a vacation by yourself is a lot of work and brings a lot of stress, which is contradictory to the reason they want to go on a vacation in the first place.

Luckily there are travel agents who do all the work for you, at a reasonable or minimal cost. They may even save you hundreds or thousands in the process as well.

A travel agent saves you time as well as money. You save hundreds potentially by booking at a certain time, as well as with a certain deal. Travel agents also save you from the stress in booking a good vacation. The time it would take you to research and find good deals yourself is vastly longer than it would take a travel agent to find the same deals, and beat them. A travel agent is your insider, a person who is well connected with the business and able to find you deals not available to you normally, as well as someone who knows what's actually current. For example, something you find online may be outdated, and there's something out there that is vastly superior, yet you would not know. The agent would find the deal much quicker and easier. They also know what's a good location for your purposes and would be able to advise you where and when to go. These are people who have booked thousands of trips, and have the knowledge of which locations are ideal during what time of season, as well as places to avoid and places that are a must see. Due to the fact that they have booked countless amounts of vacations, company representatives and companies know these people. They are a familiar voice, not just a nameless customer. This allows them to get better treatment and priority, over Bob for example. They know what's ideal to wear for your vacation, as well as what not to wear, due to the fact that each country and city has their own customs and laws, that you may not be aware of, or the fact that you should avoid wearing certain things due to the climate and weather.

You also get the best value for your money if you book with an agent, they would know what would be a waste of money, and what would maximize your enjoyment. For example, would it be better to get this plan, or this upgrade, or this option, or would it be better to just skip it and save your money, or would the money spent on it make your experience much more enjoyable? While on vacation, if a problem arises, normally you would have to go about trying to fix it yourself, and sometimes you may get a resolution, however it would take up a lot of time that could have been used on enjoying your vacation. One call to your travel agent, and they would be able to assist you with minimal impairment to your own enjoyment.

Pleasant surprises are nice, but unpleasant ones are not thrilling, especially on vacation in a foreign destination. You want to try a new delicacy or some local food on your trip? A travel agent would be able to give you recommendations and places to avoid. A travel agent would also inform you of expenses that you may not even know of, allowing you to prepare in advance. Travel agents also inform you of things you may have overlooked, like the fine print that companies are required to write, however don't want their clients knowing, so they use a small font, and write a lot?

In short, if you want to go on a vacation, and have the best experience possible at the best cost, with little to no effort on your part, find a local travel agent near you.

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